BoKS ServerControl

Protect your most critical systems and data with a single solution that delivers granular security controls, automated workflows, and enables limitless scalability.

Security that Drives Innovation and Performance

BoKS® ServerControl transforms your multi-vendor Linux and UNIX server environment into one centrally managed security domain. It simplifies your organization’s ability to enforce security policies, and control access to critical systems and information. With full control over accounts, access and privilege, IT and security teams can proactively prevent internal and external critical system attacks before they start.

Be an IT Hero


Drive Performance

Centralized security controls enable workflow automation, limitless scalability, and ensures your security adapts just as fast.


Increase Security

Simplify administration complexity with unified workflows and tools to increase productivity, and quickly extend security to the cloud.


Meet Compliance

Meet compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOX by architecting security into your deployment from the start.


Get Real Results

208% ROI in just 18 months, 98% decrease in security related incidents, and a 50% decrease security related down time.

Key Features

Privileged Access Control

Default to least privilege to close security gaps. Provide the necessary amount of privilege and access for a user to do their job – without exposing administrator credentials.

SSH Key Management

Centralize SSH key management to gain full control over who, what, when, where, and how a user or machine can access systems, data, and run processes.

SSH Client for Windows

Certificate-based authentication that provides out-of-the-box support for smart cards, and removes the end user from the evaluations of the chain of trust to the server.

Centralized Administration

Centralized security controls allow for instantaneous provisioning and de-provisioning of users to better secure your environment, increase incident reaction time, and help mitigate risks.

Granular Access Control

Default to least privilege to close security gaps. Provide the necessary amount of privilege and access for a user to do their job – without exposing administrator credentials.

Active Directory Bridging

Control your Linux and UNIX environments inside of AD to quickly and efficiently publish roles for windows administrators to use during the provisioning process.

Keystroke Logging

Record 100% of every keystroke and output to gain full visibility across your entire environment, reduce risk of insider threats, and simplify auditing and compliance.

Pluggable Authentication

Support multiple forms of authentication. When mandated, control and configure the use of 2FA as an optional choice to enforce security, mitigate risks, and stay compliant.

Web Services Interface

Extends administrative control to your identity source to allow your existing infrastructure to command and control your environment, and automate the provisioning process.

Auditing & Reporting

Create turnkey IT security audit and compliance-specific reports for full visibility across your server environment so that you can make quick informed decisions.

Accelerate Growth

Increase Security.   Simplify Compliance.   Become More Efficient.

Having trouble defining, controlling and monitoring administrative privileges across your IT systems? You’re not alone. Most systems provide unrestricted, untraceable access, making privileged account management very difficult. BoKS ServerControl offers centrally controlled privileged account delegation, enforcing which commands can be executed by role. It eliminates privileged password sharing to significantly reduce the risk of insider fraud.

BoKS ServerControl helps you gain control with these key features:

  • Define and enforce who has privilege, when, from where, and how
  • Require context driven authentication; vary who, what, when and where
  • Require individual user log in passwords or tokens; elevate shared passwords
  • Control which commands and activity can be executed by users
  • Granular delegation of privilege
  • Assign command sets instead of giving root
  • Centrally manage sudo

BoKS ServerControl is used by multi-national enterprises with stringent compliance regimes, and small start-up companies. BoKS' automated credentials management and enforcement approach gets organizations out of the “SSH key management business,” enabling them to increase the granularity of access enforcement, and easily meet strict compliance regulations, all while taking full advantage of the benefits of SSH without the operational cost impact.

BoKS ServerControl is a great fit for mid-size companies to large enterprises. You can customize the environment with a number of management methods available. Administration tasks can be delegated for a tiered support structure and maximum staff efficiency. With BoKS, all aspects of account provisioning, access control and privilege escalation, your current staff will be able to keep pace with today’s ever-expanding server environments.

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