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Open platform Big Data solutions have transitioned from open-source distributions and home- supported projects to structured enterprise deployments supported by Cloudera and Hortonworks. Gartner and other analysts still say Big Data platforms (like Hadoop) are immature, and projects staff are weak in deployment lifecycle experience.

  • Platforms come with too many default administration choices for initial roll-out
  • And so Initial roll-outs have weak security controls
  • Architectures plan for worker node failure rates of around 5%. Not an issue for data science, but reintegrating rebuilt nodes into your cluster can be a security nightmare
  • Inconsistent integration between Big Data and security services, as project team’s members are data scientists, not IT security specialists.
  • Strong security , required by stringent European GDPS (2018) regulations, USA financial services and Healthcare controls, (and similar policies in Singapore and Australia) is preventing Big Data projects from going into production.

Fox Technologies seamlessly delivers preconfigured security policies as your Big data project experience matures; specifically enabling you to go live without needing a dedicated security team for your big data cluster(s).

Enforce Corporate Security Policy, Stop Inappropriate Security Defaults

Rapidly enable production phase 1 deployment, adding stronger security controls, instantly removing audit fail conditions from default-configuration Big Data deployments

Deep Integration with Corporate Security Infrastructures

With deeper and wider roll-outs, assisting the integration of Big Data with pre-existing or new security architectures and policies consistent with your overall corporate security and risk policies

Contain Simplified Security

Simple initial security controls to allow test-bed proof of concepts


BoKS ServerControl

BoKS® ServerControl transforms your multi-vendor Linux and UNIX server environment into one centrally managed security domain. It simplifies your organization’s ability to enforce security policies, and control access to critical systems and information. With full control over accounts, access and privilege, IT and security teams can proactively prevent internal and external critical system attacks before they start.

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