Private Cloud Security

Achieve enterprise security that works smarter, not harder.

Automate Your Security, and Get to the Cloud Faster

As more organizations are choosing to adopt private cloud solutions to scale at a rapid pace, improve IT efficiency and reduce costs, a sense of risk still persists in the minds of CIOs and CISOs — lack of visibility, control over critical systems and data, new sources of intrusion, security fragmentation, and not enough cyber security talent to manage it all.

By delivering a unified security solution that offers coverage of these areas, Fox Technologies gives you the tools that you need to drive business efficiencies, reduce overhead costs, and boost productivity at every level – all while enforcing more security across your environment, ensuring regulatory compliance, and stopping breaches before they start.


Drive Performance

Centralized security controls enable workflow automation, limitless scalability, and ensures your security adapts just as fast.


Increase Security

Simplify administration complexity with unified workflows and tools to increase productivity, and quickly extend security to the cloud.


Meet Compliance

Meet compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOX by architecting security into your deployment from the start.


BoKS ServerControl

BoKS® ServerControl transforms your multi-vendor Linux and UNIX server environment into one centrally managed security domain. It simplifies your organization’s ability to enforce security policies, and control access to critical systems and information. With full control over accounts, access and privilege, IT and security teams can proactively prevent internal and external critical system attacks before they start.

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