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Helpsystems Acquires FoxT

HelpSystems Acquires Fox Technologies to Expand Cybersecurity Portfolio

By Fox Technologies | December 12, 2017

Acquisition enables organizations to protect information stored on Linux and Unix servers with identity and access management software Minneapolis, MN, December 13, 2017—HelpSystems announced today that it has acquired Fox […]

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Why ChromeOS computers are Ideal for Enterprises

7 reasons Chrome OS computers are ideal for enterprises

By Fox Technologies | October 10, 2017

This year, 5.5% of all PCs sold will be Chrome OS devices. That means Chrome has overtaken Linux as the ‘third OS’ at work. Credit the cost, security and manageability […]

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The Cost of A Data Breach

The Cost of a Data Breach

By Fox Technologies | October 2, 2017

With 1,100 IT security decision makers and practitioners participating from 15 countries, six continents, and 19 industries, the CyberEdge’s Cyberthreat Defense Report is the most comprehensive study of security professionals’ […]

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7 Tips for Linux Cluster Admins

7 tips for Linux cluster admins to help keep auditors happy

By David Dingwall | September 26, 2017

Try these strategies to satisfy auditors’ requirements without wasting your time or testing your patience. The beauty of building extra-large Linux clusters is it’s easy. Hadoop, OpenStack, hypervisor, and high-performance […]

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Preparing for GDPR Compliance

CIOs: 5 Big Data Operational Changes To Make Now

By Fox Technologies | September 20, 2017

Preparing Your Organization for GDPR Compliance The threat of a $24 million fine is enough to make any organization sit up and listen to what changes they must make to […]

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Analysis of Equifax Breach

Equifax’s Financial Probity and Reputational Risk… A Continuing Story

By David Dingwall | September 12, 2017

We have all had a few days to digest the announced Equifax breach. What has been breathtaking was the methods of the company’s response, compared to what it has been […]

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Petya - Unexpected Consequences

Petya – The Unexpected Consequences

By David Dingwall | July 5, 2017

Last week I was waiting for a friend to get off a plane at Edinburgh airport. Just finishing up my morning newspaper in one of the terminal’s cafes around 09:00AM, […]

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Ransomware on Linux – Think you’re off the hook?

By David Dingwall | May 16, 2017

You have to feel for all Windows support teams worldwide right now after being hit with the largest ransomware attack in internet history. Wannacry has meant a busy weekend of […]

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